domingo, enero 21, 2007

I support you, Mrs. Clinton

The presidential race in the USA is an event that affects us all living in the periphery. As a Dominican citizen educated in the US, and with two boys that are US citizen and young professionals fulfilling the American Dream, no other country besides my own is dearer.

Learning the Honor Code and the Rule of Law are part of the tradition that I cherish from my US experience; the same Honor Code and Rule of Law that I see forgotten by the professional Washington politicians. America is about hard work, honesty and compassion; to those within and elsewhere.

Living in a small country in the backyard of USA means looking at the northern giant for guidance and support; means also concern when New York is under attack and thousands of our families and friends must stand the thread of fanatics and misfits. Means shame when this events, that hurts us all, are used by business interest to go out in a rampage to control oil at the cost of thousands of lives, American and ours too.

It is time to have in the White House somebody that feels that Decency is the guiding value of everyday action; I believe you, Senator Clinton, are that person. From far away I will do all I can to support you.

Federico A. Martinez

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